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ChatOps for Heroku

This HipChat integration allows you to interact with your Heroku applications. The commands mimic the Heroku command line client command syntax to make the transition to the integration as easy as possible.

See the Commands section for the things you can do.


To install to a room in HipChat Cloud, use this link to install.

Otherwise, you can manually install using the following descriptor url:


After installation you will be prompted to configure the integration. You will need to provide a Heroku token to interact with the Heroku API on your behalf.

Generate a token by running the following command with the Heroku command line client:

heroku authorizations:create -d 'ChatOps for Heroku' -s write-protected

If you want to enable just the read only commands you can generate a read token using the following command:

heroku authorizations:create -d 'ChatOps for Heroku (read)' -s read-protected

Everyone in the room where the integration is installed will be able to run commands in the context of the token.

NOTE Remember to click 'Save' in the configuration dialog.

Sample App to kick the tires

Click the Deploy to Heroku button below if you want a sample app to try the chat commands with. It will create and deploy a sample app to Heroku (for free).

Deploy to Heroku

NOTE Remember to copy the new app's name after it's created so you can use it with the chat commands.


All the commands must be prefixed with the slash command /hk.

For example, to run the releases command, type:

/hk releases my-app

List Releases

List the N most recent releases of APPNAME. If N is omitted, it defaults to 10 with a maximum of 50.

/hk releases APPNAME [N]

Rollback a Release

Rollback APPNAME to the given RELEASE. If no RELEASE provided, rolls back to the previous release.

/hk releases:rollback APPNAME [RELEASE]

Show Configuration

Lists the configuration variables of APPNAME.

/hk config APPNAME

Update Configuration

Updates the configuration of APPNAME with the provided key/value pairs

/hk config:set APPNAME KEY=VALUE [KEY=VALUE ...]

You can unset a variable by just passing the KEY alone.

/hk config:set APPNAME KEY [KEY ...]


More commands will be coming soon...